Saturday, January 15, 2011

At 2:30 pm on a cold January day, a fire began to burn its way through the Windermere Court apartments in West Philly.  Soon, the fire had torn through the building, destroying more than 90 occupied units.

I lived in the basement.  Most of my stuff is under a few feet of ice.  But I'm lucky - I had the support of generous friends and family to help me get back on my feet.  Some of my neighbors aren't so lucky.

They have families to care for, and prescriptions to fill.  They lost everything, either because they were at work or picking the kids up from school or just didn't have enough time to grab their important possessions.

Helping one homeless family put out by a disaster asks for a lot from a community.  This building housed more than 100 people.  Our West Philly community (and all of our city and suburban neighbors) are working hard to help.  We already have two clothing drives lined up.  You can help too!

The paypal link above works with all major credit cards.  Any amount you donate directly helps people to get clothed, get housed, and get back on their feet.  Please do whatever you can do!